Space Saver Omegas

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium the Space Saver Omega enables a clamp/coupler to be permanently fitted to a luminaire with ΒΌ turn fasteners and folded into a storage position to save space. The clamp is never lost because it stays on the luminaire. Features a quick release lock which enables the device to be folded quickly without tools. The Space Saver Omega is currently available to fit four major brands but other sizes can be manufactured to order.

Powder coated black.


  • Part Numbers
  • Chauvet - 142 Ctrs T85865
  • Clay Paky - 125 Ctrs T85870
  • Martin - 106 Ctrs T85880
  • Robe - 140 Ctrs T85890
  • Specification
  • WLL:
    • 100Kg
  • Finish:
    • Black
  • Colour: